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FEBRUARY 16, 2022


SAN DIEGO – A new device called Drop Not provides golfers with an innovative way to prevent the loss of those precious head covers. It’s designed to be easily installed on any type of golf bag and club head cover. Drop Not can now be purchased through Amazon just $19.95 for a package of two.

Drop Not comes with a strong five-inch cable ring with a barrel twist lock allowing you to attach the device anywhere on your bag, including the bag handle, towel cord, hook or any small bracket on the bag. Another clip attaches to the head cover. It allows golfers to remove the head covers either while the club is in the bag or has been taken out.

The following :30 video demonstrates how Drop Not is used:

The Drop Not’s retractable reel has 37 inches of cord. It was designed with a four-ounce pull back reel system that allows your head cover to hang discretely beside your bag without hitting or being dragged on the ground.  The cord is made out of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and the reel has been tested for 40,000 retractions. The Drop Not clasp, with plastic “no tear” teeth, has been designed to attach to most head covers.  

 “As an avid golfer who has lost many club covers over the years, I felt it was important to create a strong and easy-to-operate device that not only prevents the loss of your club covers, but at the same time reduce scratches, bangs and dents on your clubs,” said Mitch Adler, founder of Drop Not Golf. “I haven’t lost one club cover since I started using Drop Not. It is small, durable, stylish and easy to use.”

About Drop Not Golf

Drop Not Golf was founded by Mitch Adler, a retired San Diego businessman and avid golfer. He was tired of losing his expensive head covers and decided to develop a device that would help others avoid the same problem. He came up with some ideas and went to an engineer for designs. He wanted something golfers would be proud to have on a golf bag. After many tests and design samples he finally arrived at a device he was happy with that looks good, works well and is reasonably priced. The Drop Not design has a pending patent and the name is trademarked.

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