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Product Features & Benefits

DROP NOT™ has been engineered tough with quality testing to handle everyday golfers' activities both on and off the course.

  • The retractable reel has been tested for 40,000 retractions. The reel has been designed to be discrete while hanging on your bag.
  • The cord of the reel is made out of space-age "ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene", known as UHMWPE or HMPE.  This cord technology is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic.  It is highly resistant to abrasion and it is reported that this technology will replace kevlar as a bulletproof material.
  • The DROP NOT™ reel has 37 inches of incredibly strong UHMWPE cord, giving you plenty of cord to remove your club while in or out of your golf bag.
  • The DROP NOT™ device was designed with a 4 oz pull-back reel system that allows your bag to hang safely without hitting or being dragged on the ground.
  • The cord is attached to the reel and can withstand pulls up to five pounds. We point this out as one can forcefully yank the cord out of the reel and this would be an operator error. Please be aware not to extend further than 35 inches and do not yank forcefully.
  • The clasp that attaches to your head cover has been designed to attach to most head covers. The plastic teeth rather will not tear or damage when applied correctly vs. other types of clasps that are made of metal. As most head covers material is less than 3/8 of an inch thick, we have you covered on any attachment you need.  Attempting to apply this clasp to head covers made of materials thicker than 3/8 inch may stress the clasp and make the device non-functional. 
  • DROP NOT™ has an incredibly strong 5" cable ring with a barrel twist lock allowing you to attach his device anywhere on your bag. Suggested around your golf bag's handle, towel cord, hook, or any small bracket that is on your golf bag. Ensure the twist lock is fully secured prior to taking off on the course!
  • DROP NOT™ has been tested and designed to allow for multiple units to be connected on 1 cable lock. In this case, your other head covers act as an anchor.
  • We recommend a DROP NOT™ device on at least your driver and putter head covers. 

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