The Drop Not Retractable Golf Lanyard has been designed to give you confidence and reliability that you will Never Lose Your Headcover when out on the course.

Great Holiday Gift for you or your golf enthusiast famlly members and friends.



Our Packaing has been developing for easy understanding of the Drop Not product features and benefits.

Easy to Install

DROP NOT™ was engineered tough to be easily installed on any type of bag and headcover.

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Connect all Covers

DROP NOT™ allows you to stay focused and uncluttered when it's game time.

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Protect your Investment

Never lose your head cover again! Reduce scratches, dings, and dents when protecting your golf clubs with DROP NOT™ on your headcover

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Never Lose your Head Cover Again! The Ultimate Head Cover Upgrade is Now Available for Sale on Amazon and at Retail Stores.


"As a professional caddie, this "DROP NOT" device will protect your club's face from banging together and make losing a headcover an issue of the past!"

Bob M. - Santa Rosa, CA

"Finally I don't have to worry about losing my expensive personalized leather headcovers! You know the ones that exhibit my club and have my initials on item!"

Larry B. - Rochester, NY

"So often I am requested to go on the golf course and find a missing headcover or two or three of them! It is a real time consuming problem! By the way, we have three huge boxes of lost headcovers in the cart barn!"

Jerod - Cart Assistant in San Diego

"Began having the DROP NOT devices on both my woods, and on my two Hybrids as well as my putter for the last four months ... It allows me to focus on my golf game and not about " Where is that darn headcover! I am enjoying golf even more!"

Gary L. - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"Great size, cool look! Love how when I am walking or driving my golf cart, the released head-cover hangs on the side of my golf bag. Great idea!"

Marc A. - Boca Raton, FL

NEW with all Purchases

The Split Key Ring allows for you to easily connect up to 2 Drop Not Lanyards using 1 connection point to your bag.

Branded Drop Not Laynards

Personalized Drop Nots are available upon request. We proudly co-brand our producs for your golf course, events and more. Call us Today.