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Instructions and Best Practices for DROP NOT Version 2.0 device

Instructions and Best Practices for DROP NOT Version 2.0 device

Welcome to the DROP NOT Golf Family!

To attach your Drop Not Version 2.0 device to your head cover, open the black clasp. Place your forefinger and thumb of one hand on the top portion of the clasp. Do the same with your thumb and forefinger from your other hand on the lower portion of the clasp. Now it should be easy to pull the clasp apart, exposing the white plastic teeth. Carefully place the material of the head cover into the clasp opening and pull it to the very back of the clasp and snap it closed. 

Make sure the head cover material is securely locked into the rear end of the teeth. If the material is too thin to be locked into place you may need to fold the material over, so that the plastic teeth can securely lock and grab onto the material. If the head cover material is too thick, we do not recommend you attempt to stretch the clasp over the headcover as the clasp may break, press down and squeeze the club head material between the upper and lower clamp's teeth or jaws. In both cases, you should hear or feel a "snap". Double check it is on securely.

Now, let's securely anchor or attach the Drop Not Version 2.0 device. There are two ways to securely anchor the Drop Not Version 2.0 device.

One can easily attach the Drop Not Version 2.0 device to the golf bag, by using the provided velcro strap. Place your clubs with the head cover in your favorite location in your golf bag. Most golf bags have six or eight dividers for club separations, some even have 14 individual dividers, one for each club. For instance, in my golf bag, my Driver and Three wood are placed at the top section of my bag and my Putter is stored at the bottom section of my golf bag.

Once you know where the clubs will be stored in your golf bag look for a place to attach the cable. A handle, a towel ring, an umbrella cord, or a circle hook are ideal. Separate each velcro strap, loop around your chosen anchor (handle, towel ring, hook, etc..), then through the opening at the top of the velcro strap simply insert one end of the velcro and make a connection to the other side of the velcro.



The 7th paragraph read as follows: When there is no place to anchor the DROP NOT Version 2.0 device, we suggest the following. Attach the two DROP NOT Version 2.0 devices together using 2 velcro straps as shown in the picture below

When one club with a Drop Not Version 2.0 device is removed, the other device that is attached to another head cover will act as an anchor. We recommend that you don't connect more than three devices together as the cords may tangle.


We suggest that you first try attaching the Drop Not Version 2.0 devices to the driver and putter head covers. In most cases, these are two of your most expensive clubs. The head covers will protect the grooves and your club in general. As the saying goes, once you damage a putter or driver's front face it will never play with the same precision and accuracy as the originally manufactured club.

Once you complete the simple attachment feel free to test out your Drop Not Version 2.0 device. Whether you have your club in or out of your golf bag, remove the head cover from the golf club and let the head cover fall. Watch the released head cover retract and hang safely and securely on the side of your golf bag. 



The more Drop Not Version 2.0 devices you have on your clubs with head covers, the more you will reduce BANGS, DENTS, AND SCRATCHES on your clubs. You will be protecting your investment in your golf clubs and your favorite head covers! Again, protect your clubs by using head covers every time you play. Get into a habit of removing the head cover off the club you plan to use and reattaching the head cover to the club after your swing. 

We recommend that before each round you check that both the clasp and the cable lock of each Drop Not Version 2.0 device are securely locked as they may loosen over time. 


As you feel more comfortable with the Drop Not Version 2.0 devices and you have no tangle issues, you can potentially add one Drop Not Version 2.0 device for every club that has a head cover. We recommend that after each use of the Drop Not Version 2.0 device you re-cover the golf club. This habit of immediately re-covering the golf club will reduce tangling issues and protect the face of your club. 

In my personal bag, I have a driver and three wood that both have Drop Not Version 2.0 devices and are attached utilizing the black key ring for two devices. I also have two hybrids that have Drop Not Version 2.0 devices and are attached together by the black key ring. Finally, I also have a putter head cover that has a Drop Not Version 2.0 device and it is anchored to my golf bag by the five-inch cable around the grip of the bag itself.

As you become more comfortable with multiple Drop Not Version 2.0 devices and their retractable cords, try and place the release head cover near where the club was retracted from. You don't want to wrap the cord around other clubs or invite tangling by having two or three Drop Not cords, hanging closely together off the side of your bag. 


DROP NOT DEVICES are not intended for use by children and should be handled with care. Keep away from face and eyes. As per Proposition 65 in the State of California, this product may contain lead and other chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm.